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Churn Metrics

Understand the compounding effects of your churn and retention.

If you had a $49/month product that people normally use for 12 months, and you lost only 10 customers per month – you’d drain your cashflow by -$5,880 MRR and lose -$179,340 ARR from your company’s value over three years.

Learn & track your true churn with Weav

Customer Saver

Reignite the spark with your customers.

Be able to step in and help frustrated and upset customers find success with your product.

Save angry & confused customers with Weav

Product Engagement

Recognize At-Risk early.

See your churn signals with Weav

Customer Discovery

Know customers as individuals.

See your customers in full color with Weav

Payment Recovery

Automatically stop involuntary churn.

Seamlessly fix unintentional payment issues to ensure customers don’t fall away.

Auto-recover failed payments with Weav

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Churn Metrics


Know the true costs of your SaaS churn.

I have a SaaS product that customers pay for monthly and typically use for months. I lose about customers a month

With this churn, your recurring cashflow will lose -$5,880 MRR, and your company’s value will lose -$179,340 ARR over three years.

When a customer leaves, you not only lose that month’s revenue, you lose all future billing opportunities you would have had with them.

Losing one $49 customer each month who would have normally stayed for 12 months doesn’t lead to just $588 less cash…it leads to $3,822 less cash . Ouch.

This is because every customer you lose has a compounding effect on your cashflow – and on your total bottom line.

A simple way to measure the effects of churn and retention is to multiply your monthly losses or savings by 78 (The Rule of 78.)

But this only measures the first year’s impact – the exponential power of churn and retention reach much, much farther.

Weav calculates the full impact of your churn and retention activity – giving the insight needed to make smart decisions today that will impact your business for the years to come.

Compounding Churn Illustration

SaaS churn compounds in costly ways. Weav helps you know what to account for now to build a business that can compete and win for the long-term.

Measure churn accurately & meaningfully.

SaaS churn can be tricky to understand and measure – often leaving it misunderstood, or flat-out ignored. Different churn calculations tell different, and often confusing stories.

Weav measures churn as it relates to your business’s bottom line, and surfaces the indicators you need to care about to take smart action today.

The best part? Once we bubble up the metrics you should care about, Weav provides the tools to make a difference.

Compounding Churn Illustration
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Test out Weav, risk-free, to see first-hand your current churn impact and the 5 ways Weav can help fix it.

Customer Saver

Saver Screenshots

‘One-Size Fits All’ help won’t cut it.

At some point, every customer thought your product was the possible answer to their needs.

The confusing and frustrating experiences that push a once happy customer to hit the cancel button can vary widely – and the kinds of help you offer need to be equally unique.

With Weav you’re able to offer unique help to customers to bring them back to the value they saw before. Weav’s Customer Saver is highly-configurable to match your business and customers’ needs. Your product or service is unique, so why should the help you offer be any different?

Saver Illustration

If you love someone, set them free.

Okay, we stole this from Sting.

But, what’s true in love is eqaully true in business. We’ve all felt the recoil of having a company try to keep our business just by hiding all the exits (think of cancelling a cell service).

As a SaaS company, you shouldn’t be afraid to expose a ‘cancel’ button to your customers. Using Weav, you can give customers the freedom they deserve and provide the specific help they need to stay.

Offboarding is the new onboarding.

How a company handles you leaving is every bit as important and impactful as how they handle you arriving.

Great companies understand that when a customer needs to leave, when they they make the process they help themselves – through positive word of mouth and a greater chance of customers returning.

Weav helps you create a positive experience for those customers that do need to leave, and learn why.

Try Weav – Risk Free

Test out Weav, risk-free, to see first-hand your current churn impact and the 5 ways Weav can help fix it.

Payment Recovery

Recovery Screenshots

Dunning management done right.

Go beyond your payment processer’s dunning system. Gain control to send customizable email campaigns, auto-retries when they make sense, and stop treating all of your failed payments the same.

Perfectly Timed Auto-Retries –

We’ve learned the hard way a thing or two about card retries. It’s like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Too many tries, or the wrong schedule and you wake an angry bear. Too little, and you miss out entirely.

With Weav, you can easily take the route that’s just right.

Recovery Illustration

Collect 1 failed payment, or all of them.

Stop leaving money on the table with your failed payments.

Most dunning tools only allow you to collect the most recent failed payment. With Weav, if a customer has multiple failed payments, you can choose how much you want to collect when their payment information is updated.

You can opt to collect everything past due, or a balance that makes the most sense for your business and product.

Frictionless payment update forms.

Think to the last time you recieved an email to update your credit card info – only to be sent to a login page? Puh-leez.

Requiring someone to login to an account when they’re trying to solve a problem kills the likelihood of this ever happening successfully.

Weav’s custom, hosted payment forms allow customers to update their payment info with zero friction or hassle.

Try Weav – Risk Free

Test out Weav, risk-free, to see first-hand your current churn impact and the 5 ways Weav can help fix it.

Customer Discovery

discovery Screenshots

Context to understand the full story.

Our name, Weav, is as literal as it gets. Running an online business today scatters your data across a multitude of services. Connecting all these dots is a major problem.

With Weav, you can pull together all of your customer’s information to see and understand the entire picture – including clues that can determine their happiness and likelihood of staying or leaving.

Learn who your customers are as individuals and see the full picture of your relationship together. The power of context can’t be overstated when it comes to building retention.

Customer Discovery Illustration

Level-up your Customer Success teams.

With Weav, your Customer Success teams are able to uncover crucial insights about what customers need and value. This provides a powerful and unique perspective for how to help your customers – from what motivates them, to their professional experience, and more.

Understanding your customers as individuals is the foundation for treating them right – and for treating them better than your competitors will ever be able to.

Know, and care for your VIP customers.

Weav shows which customers are the core engine of your business – and also know how happy they are with your product. Critical intel that allows you take corrective action to ensure the foundation of your business is always solid.

Weav automatically identifies and segments your VIP users, based on their relationship with your business. With Weav, you can easily to keep a pulse on their well-being and do what’s needed to ensure they’re happy.

Try Weav – Risk Free

Test out Weav, risk-free, to see first-hand your current churn impact and the 5 ways Weav can help fix it.

Churn is the cancer of a healthy SaaS business. Weav can help you cure it.

Help customers stay, predict when and why customers cancel, recover failed payments, gain engagement insights, and more.

Weav is tailored for businesses that are building for the long-haul, and isn’t suited for everyone. If you want to invest in your current customers as much as new ones, it may be for you.

Try Weav – Risk Free

Test out Weav, risk-free, to see first-hand your current churn impact and the 5 ways Weav can help fix it.

Have Questions?

Can I try out Weav before I buy?

Test drive Weav’s full functionality for 14 days, with zero commitment. After kicking the tires and having Weav work automatically on your behalf you can decide what plan is best for your business.

How does Weav track my customers?

Weav offers rare functionality where we combine your users’ product usage with their billing behavior. With a single script, Weav tracks users’ logins, sessions, length, and more to help predict churn.

What’s the setup process like?

Most folks are up and running in under 10 minutes. You’ll connect your payment solution (e.g. Stripe) with a click of a button, and then copy-paste a single script from Weav into your product. That’s it.

What does Weav do with my data?

Privacy and safe data storage is paramount. We take it seriously and lead with transparency first. All data is stored on secure infrastructure and you can permanently delete your data at any point.

What integrations does Weav have?

While in our private BETA, Weav integrates with Stripe. We’ll be adding payment solutions like Zuora, BrainTree, PayPal, and more in the future. Have an integration request? Please let us know.

Is Weav V.C. funded or bootstrapped?

Weav is 100% bootstrapped to date, and we plan to be 100% funded by our customers. This allows us to have full control of Weav’s vision and values, and keep our customers as our primary focus.

Want to know more about something else?

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have – just drop us a line at hi@weav.com.

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The thinking and team behind Weav.

It’s about much more than Churn.

Weav can help you combat churn to build your bottom-line. But, truth be told, churn is just a symptom. Churn represents customers who once loved your product enough to pay for it, that have now become confused, angry, or apathetic.

Helping and understanding these customers is the key to better understanding your customers and product as a whole.

In the near future, brands will compete on experience rather than features or price.

If you can’t deliver an experience that understands and cares about customers as individuals, you’ll be left behind.

Weav helps you fix the churn problems of today – and also gain the insights needed to build a business that can last the long-haul.

Ollie the Octopus

Who is Ollie?

Ollie Sketch

What’s with the octopus?

We first met Ollie, our humble octopus, in the hands of one of Dribbble’s most talented artists – Eddie Lobanovskiy, as a sketch for his children (cool Dad). We were immediately smitten.

We knew Ollie would be the ideal mascot for Weav. His personality, bright colors, and hyper-intelligent limbs symbolize the personal, human, and smart company we’re working hard to build.

3 co-founders with a proven track record.

Coming from years of experience building online businesses and products (good and bad), we’re committed to creating the tools that can help businesses compete on customer experience to create companies that can last decades.

JR Farr

J.R. Farr

CEO & Co-Founder

Successful entrepreneur and CEO with experience in marketplaces, SaaS, web hosting, lead generation, and more.

Previous GM / VP @ $EIGI. Also, CEO & Co-Founder MOJO Marketplace (acquired), a global marketplace with 6 million users.

Clayton Farr

Clayton Farr

CXO & Co-Founder

Veteran product and design leader with 20+ years experience creating digital products for businesses and consumers.

Driven design and product efforts for Bluehost, 1-800-Contacts, Alere Health, Experticity, CR England, and more.

Nick Searle

Nick Searle

CTO & Co-Founder

Accomplished technology leader with diverse experience in fast-moving startups and international corporations.

Led engineering for various startups as a partner of his own agency, and CTO @ MOJO Marketplace serving 6 million users.

Try Weav – Risk Free

Test out Weav, risk-free, to see first-hand your current churn impact and the 5 ways Weav can help fix it.